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UNITY - Daily Diary - Day 13 - Grand Opening

WOW!! It was the grand opening of our collaborative retail project UNITY in Queensgate Peterborough this weekend.

We just wanted to thank everyone who helped make this a reality.

You are all so amazing! Everyone chipped in, and it really illustrates the power of collaboration. From our volunteers who helped move the heavy metal shop fixtures and helped dress the shop to our talented crafters who agreed to have their fabulous products in the shop, you have all united to create something very special.

Special thanks to Kev Lawrence for cutting the ribbon and being so supportive.

PCRFM who gave us the opportunity to be part of their live broadcast.

A shout out to all the staff at Queensgate who have helped us and supported our objectives.

The biggest thanks must go to every single person who has walked through our UNITY door. Even if you haven't purchased anything, you have shown that their is a demand for products from small local businesses, and we thank you for your support.

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