We do a couple of versions of our planters. All of our planters are finished in RECYCLED WOOD   

We separate the bath into 8 equal separate growing spaces measuring

30cm x 30cm (900cm2) to allow for maximum growth.


Approx sizeSizes will vary slightly depending on type of wood finish. 

(L) 170cm x (W) 70cm x (H) 60cm

All our planters include:


Our planters:

Mini Allotments Planters - These come installed, complete with soil & 8 established seasonal vegetables/herb plants. We encourage people to eat healthy & grow their own food. 

Flower Power Planter - This colourful & funky planter comes installed, complete with soil & 8 established

seasonal appropriate flowers/plants. Makes a stunning display in any garden area.

Pollen Paradise - These come installed complete with soil & 8 established plants that encourage, feed & attract Bees. We feel it is vital to create safe areas where Bees can thrive.

Flushing   Flower   Planter - This innovative planter utilises a recycled toilet & incorporates fabulous  individual Fuchsia/Rose plants. In full bloom it is magnificent & makes a lovely addition to any garden space. (COMING SOON)

Vertical Gutter Gardens   We produce a variety of vertical gardens manufactured using recycled guttering.Ideal if you have limited space & want to give growing a go. (COMING SOON)

Plants –  We try to ensure the plants you receive are all seasonal appropriate and established enough to ensure maximum growth over the coming months. As such the plants you receive will depend on your month of order.

• Order between Feb 1st & May 30th & you will receive our Spring Garden plant selection.

•  June 1st & Sept 30th & you will receive our Summer Salad Garden plant selection.

•  Oct 1st & Jan 30th & you will receive our Winter Vegetable Garden plant selection.

•  Flower Garden – Yearly selection of established seasonal plants.

We offer the following ready made options: Supplied with 8 established plants of your choice

Herb Garden  Choose from Mint, Rosemary, Basil, Lemon Grass, Fennel, Tarragon, Oregano, Parsley, Chives,

Sage, Coriander, Thyme, Dill, Chamomile, Marjoram, Bay Leaf, Garlic.

Salad Garden   Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Radish, Pepper, Chilli, Mini Corn, Peas, Beans, Potatoes & much more.

Vegetable Garden  – Onion, Parsnip, Leeks, Carrots, Cabbage, Brussels, Garlic, Potatoes & much more.

Flower Garden  If you don’t like vegetables or salad (like our daughter!) we are happy to provide our planters with a selection of flowers or plants. Contact us with your details and we are happy to discuss your requirements.

Soil –  Our soil is supplied by BRITISH SUGAR TOPSOIL. They supply BS3882:2015 compliant sustainable topsoil and topdressing products to the landscaping, gardening, construction

and sports industries.


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