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Up The Garden Bath & Woodnique Bespoke Designs collaborative project.


We are soooo excited to announce that our latest collaborative project is with the amazing @woodniquebespokedesigns

And here it is! A Monstera leaf propagation station!

These leaves are available individually or as a set of three and are cut out of maple, oak, and/or walnut veneer.

The wall-hanging design frees up space in your indoor garden and spruces up your walls effortlessly. The minimalist appeal of the design allows this plant accessory to blend into your home decor whilst leaving a bold impact.

Each leaf comes complete with a clear plastic test tube, which lets you keep an eye on the root development of your chosen plant.

Leaf size: 25 x 20.5 cm

25% of each sale will go directly to @upthegardenbath

£10 per leaf or 3 for £25 plus p&p.

Contact Woodnique to place your order.

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