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Up The Garden Bath & Son of a Creature Man collaborative project.

Collaboration Alert‼️

We are proud to announce that our latest local artist collaboration is with the amazing Son of a Creature Man

This talented artist upcycles old paintings by adding his unique monster artwork to create one off quirky masterpieces.

He has agreed to create 12 commissioned artwork pieces a year to help raise funds & support Up The Garden Bath.

His first creation features the new monster characters created specifically for Up The Garden Bath.

We want you all to have the chance of winning this stunning artwork and have decided to run a little online Facebook raffle. 

• 50 squares available

• £2 per square

• Payment via secure link sent to you by SMS or email.

Terms & Conditions of entry.

• Only available via UTGB facebook page.

• To participate, leave the comment "give it a grow" and we will message you your allocated number.

• Participants will be allocated a sequential number between 1 and 50 on a first come, first served basis & will NOT be able to select their favourite or preferred number.

• We will message you for your preferred payment link details (SMS or email).

• You will receive a link that easily allows you to make your £2 payment via debit card directly to UTGB.

• The winning number will be randomly drawn live on Facebook once all 50 numbers are sold and paid for in full.

Size: 60cm (L) - 45cm (H) - (Glass frame included)

• Free delivery within 25 miles of Pboro

Check out Son of a Creature Man's other artwork -

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