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  • Dave Poulton

Feb 2020 - Up The Garden Bath Launch

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

After piloting the Up The Garden Bath idea throughout 2019 we official registered as a CIC in February 2020. We had managed to secure our first bookings and everything looked set......then the unthinkable happened.


Weirdly enough when we wrote our business plan in late 2019 we hadn't factored in a word wide pandemic that would shut down not just our key markets of schools, care homes and community centres but the entire world.

We lost a significant amount of potential funding as everyone quite rightly switched to supporting covid centric organisations. What looked like a bright summer suddenly turned into a dark abyss.

We had come too far to just give up now, so we doubled our efforts and got creative.

Enjoy the ride folks it's been a mad one!!!


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