We are "Up The Garden Bath" a new and exciting non profit making social enterprise in Cambridgeshire.

We take old unwanted bathtubs and upcycle them into ready made garden planters.

Old bathtubs have been reused on allotments for years but our project entails building a raised wooden surround for the bathtub.This transforms it into a contained growing space at a height that is easily accessible for children, the elderly or disabled.

Peterborough City Council, Aragon Direct Services & Mick George Ltd have kindly agreed to help support

our project by giving us access to their unwanted baths & wood from their modern recycling centres.We also receive donations of materials from members of the public who are keen to support our project.

Our recycled bath gardens offer an instant, ready made and contained solution to growing your own

vegetables and herbs.

They are ideal for garden spaces of all sizes and shapes. They are a real centre piece and talking point.

Approx size – Sizes will vary slightly depending on type of wood finish. (L) 170cm x (W) 70cm x (H) 60cm

We do a couple of versions of our planters. All of our planters are finished in RECYCLED WOOD   

We separate the bath into 8 equal separate growing spaces measuring 30cm x 30cm (900cm2)

to allow for maximum growth.


Up The Garden Bath – We are determined to make growing fun for children through our tailored 

"Look & Learn" Activity Workshop

We believe that recycling is vital to the future of the planet & that self sustainability will help

solve world hunger.

Our aim is to teach future generations the importance of reusing items that would usually end up in

landfill sites.

Our core values are environmental sustainability and educationally based.

We try our best to pay it forward & give others opportunities to utilise their natural talents

whilst learning new skills.